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U Haul Moving Help: What It Is & How to Use It?

Have you wondered what exactly is U Haul Moving Help? Have you at least heard about this online marketplace?

What Is U Haul Moving Help? is an internet marketplace which struggles to connect people to high quality laborers. It offers these services for a specific price which is listed on the site. You are able to choose which laborer you desire depending on his reviews which were established by offering his services to other people.

How to Use It?

The way you use this marketplace is rather easy.

  • Enter the zip code of the area where you need the services.
  • The marketplace will then get in touch with you! Talk to the representative and work out all the necessary things.
  • After the entire job ends and you are satisfied, you can send the payment code, which was emailed to your email address at the checkout.
  • Offer to others enough details about how great the marketplace performed for you.

What Is This Payment Code?

This is the assurance that the entire work was ended according to your satisfaction. This marketplace won`t release that info without you allowing it. You are always in control whether you are happy or not, and all this is before Moving Helpers will be paid.

Aren`t You Able to Find your Code?

No worries! You`ll find it on the receipt and your confirmation email. If by any chance you lost the receipt and deleted the email, you can also sign into your personal account and find it here. The code can also be found in your message alert if you selected this option upon your order.

I Want to Talk to Someone on the Phone

Uhaul is only offering connection to high quality laborers and any communication is only made straight with Moving Helper. This is because this marketplace only wants you to get the best possible services for the best possible price.

Can I Be Sure Moving Helper Will Show Up?

It is best to be sure! You should give a call a day in advance to confirm your schedule. If you have already tried this and you no one answered you, you can always sign into your personal account, like specified above, and choose a new Moving Helper which will provide the service in the same day.

How Much Is It to Rent a Uhaul?

If you are someone who always needs to move something from his home or office on a regular basis, than you are always interested in knowing how much is it to rent a Uhaul truck, van or trailer. If this is also your case, then you are in the right place.

Although many have some doubts when it comes to Uhaul, the company still enjoys a great deal of popularity. You might not always get the truck you reserve or your rental truck might not get gas mileages that are too awesome, but you still want to rent from Uhaul simply because at that particular time it offers better deals than other truck rental companies.

How Much Is It to Rent a Uhaul Truck?

Uhaul offers pickup truck rentals for only $19.95. These trucks start from a week long and go all the way to a month long rental rates, and they have extended miles. A pickup truck for any business or personal necessities is great especially for local deliveries.

How Much Is It to Rent a Uhaul Van?

Vans are great in terms of mileage. If rack up fifty miles between your pickup and drop-off, you may be looking at an extra mileage cost of $29.50 for your van (at only $0.59 per mile) and less than $50 for an Uhaul truck (at only $0.89 per mile). In theory, the company has managed to get to these particular rates so it may be able to charge the base fee of $19.95.

How Much Is It to Rent a Tow Dolly?

Normally, it may cost you between $40 and $60 per day to rent a tow dolly, but it will depend on your specific location, but also if you`ll pick up and drop off the dolly, or if your trip is only 1-way. For example, the company estimates that renting a tow dolly from Sacramento to Chicago will cost the average customer around $345 for 1 week, which is around $58 per day.How Much Is It to Rent a Uhaul

How Much Is It to Rent a Uhaul for One Day?

There`s a man who shared his story for the Boston Globe after going online and reserving a truck from Uhaul for 24 hours. He claims that Uhaul is not making most of its money by charging the $19.95 fee per day or $0.89 per mile. They are whacking customers with these charges. He claims that he sat for almost an hour on a Wednesday and noticed that every customer who came to pick up or drop off a truck got it with additional fees.

How Many Miles per Galon Does a Uhaul Get?

The Uhaul truck rental company provides 6 different sizes of trucks. The tank of the 10′ one has 31 gallons, reaches 12 MPG and can travel over 370 miles until it needs fuel again. The other trucks all have tanks of 40 gallons, they reach around 10 MPG and can travel around 400 miles with a full tank.

Is There a Fee to Cancel a Uhaul Reservation?

You should beware that the company won`t tell you when you confirm a book on the phone you are subject a cancelation fee of $50. This policy is offered in a confirmation email after you offer the number of your credit card. There you can find the info according to which if you cancel within 1 day of pickup, you get charged with $50.

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