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Uhaul Military Discount: Does Such a Thing Really Exists?

Are you interested in using an Uhaul military discount? If you are or have been an active member from the U.S. Army National Guard, U.S. Army Reserve or U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve, then you are most certainly interested in such a discount.

Is U Haul Really So Popular?

In short, the answer is yes! U Haul is a storage and moving equipment rental brand which is based in Arizona, United States. The company has been in business since 1945 and was founded by Leonard Shoen. The surprise here is that the all thing has started in a garage that was owned by the family of his wife. Soon the company expanded through franchising with various gas stations.

Now, the company is owned by AMERCO, but the Shoen family still owns 55% of the corporation. The services of this company include mostly the rental of trucks and trailers, but also various pieces of equipment.

About Uhaul Military Discount

Although “officially” U Haul doesn`t offer any military discount, various customers have claimed online that if you call the Sales department of the company, most of the times you can come to some sort of agreement with the company`s representative. The phone number is 800 468 4285.

Most online rumors “claim” that the Sales department is allowed to provide for some reservations discounts between 10% and 15%. Some customers have claimed they received such discounts, others not. Perhaps there are some conditions that need to be considered.

Other customers claimed that the reservation needs to be made at the moment. As some customers claim, the 10% to 15% discount is only offered if you travel 1-way, such as from San Antonio to Phoenix. Normally, the discount won`t be offered if you are moving stuff “in-town.”

At times, the phone number above won`t connect you straight to the Sales department, but you can ask to be transferred. Only this department can offer you this military discount. A while ago, a customer claimed that when moving from the west side of Phoenix to the east side, he saved 15% on a $100 booking.

Unlike a Penske military discount or a Budget military discount, if you are deciding to rent from U Haul and you`re picking as well as dropping off at the very same location, there won`t be any corporate discount. But if you ask the company`s representative, you`ll perhaps receive a local military discount, at least that what the corporate officer on the phone said.

Moving Companies Military Discount

There are a lot of companies out there that offer moving trucks military discount deals. For instance, Oz Moving & Storage offers 10% off for any local moving service for all military families.

Penske also has a great deal in which it supports all active as well as veteran military personnel. There`s a dedicated call center for all military moves within the United States that you can use at: 1 844 4TROOPS (1 844 487 6677.)

  • Reserve your truck or trailer rental online to get 10% off from your order.
  • Present the veteran or military ID when picking up the truck or trailer to get the discount.

Uhaul Military Discount

United Van Lines “claims” it moves over 40,000 employees of the government per year. So why not trust this company and be one of its customers. No matter if it`s only temporary duty or a permanent change of your station, this company will be happy to hook you up.

Choose an Uhaul military discount if you find one and you`ll most certainly be happy that you did. If not, any other rental company that offers you a good military discount deal is fine as well.

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