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U Haul Rentals: Affordable Cargo & Utility Trailers

If you are here, then it`s not the first time you heard about U-Haul trailers and its towing devices. U-Haul trailers aren`t just aerodynamic and lightweight, but they also have a low profile to ensure a better gas mileage. Having a low center of gravity and stabilized suspensions, these trailers are most certainly designed to make moving easier.

Cargo Trailers

If you need a cargo trailer, U-Haul has a few different options ready for you depending on your needs.

  • Sport Trailer – This type of trailer is wonderful for on-the-go type of customer. It`s perfect for towing sporting goods, hiking gear and camping items. The trailer has a capacity of up to 45 cu. ft.
  • 4×8 Cargo Trailer – This trailer is very easy to two behind any type of car and is very lightweight. It`s Uhaul`s smallest enclosed trailer; its capacity is of 142 cu. ft.
  • 5×8 Cargo Trailer – These cargo trailers have a capacity of 208 cu. ft. and are the most economical and popular ones in the entire fleet of rental trailers. They are fully enclosed and equipped with covered hard top as well as a lockable door.
  • 5×10 Cargo Trailer – With a capacity of 230 cu. ft., this trailer is ideal for smaller moves, having the capacity of loading over 1,500lbs.
  • 6×12 Cargo Trailer – This cargo trailers are used by most customers and seen as one of the most popular ones. The reason is simple – they are useful for multiple reasons, either business purposes, transport of goods or household belongings.

Utility Trailers

Utility trailers are ideal for building supplies, bulky products and landscaping materials.

  • 4′ x 7′ Utility Trailer – This type of trailers are the ideal choice for any local moves or deliveries. The trailer has a capacity of 26 sq. ft. and can be towed with any type of car.
  • 5′ x 8′ Utility Trailer – These utility trailers are popular for small businesses that include mostly deliveries or individuals that do landscaping or home improvements.
  • 5′ x 9′ Utility Trailer with Ramp – With a capacity of 43 sq. ft., this trailer is one of the most popular utility trailers. Its ramp is ideal for loading landscaping items like golf carts or motorcycles.
  • 6′ x 12′ Utility Trailer – This open trailer is ideal for local deliveries or home related necessities. It has a capacity of 74 sq. ft.
  • 6′ x 12′ Utility Trailer with Ramp – This trailer is almost identical with the 6×12 versions, but it has a ramp which makes it perfect to easily load supplies or cargo.U Haul Utility Trailers

Car Trailers

Do you need a different kind of trailer to move your car or motorcycle? Take a look below!

  • Tow Dolly – This car tow dolly option has a maximum load capacity of 3,450 lbs and is the most convenient method if you want to tow your car.
  • Auto Transport – This auto transport trailers are perfect for moves on long distances, having a capacity of 5,290 lbs.
  • Motorcycle Trailer – These affordable trailers are the perfect option if you want to move your motorcycle.

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