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Are U Haul Boxes the Best Option for your Moving Supplies?

Did you know about the fact that U-Haul has great deals to offer you for almost any type of box that you may need? Free shipping for order over $50 or 100% buy-back for unused boxes are just a couple of the great deals this company will offer you if you should choose to use its services. Other details can be seen below:

Moving Boxes – Standard Size

Do you need something convenient for your supplies or equipment? Check out this list and see what suits you best.

  • Book Box – $1.25 – These boxes are quite convenient for small or heavy products. You can always order a few of these boxes for last minute products that you may need to pack.
  • Small Moving Box – $0.99 – This small box is perfect for storing or moving small, dense products like sheet sets, canned food, books or tools.
  • Medium Moving Box – $1.35 – These medium boxes are perfect for storing and moving household products, appliances or toys.
  • Large Moving Box – $1.70 – These large boxes are perfect for storing large products like stereo speakers, stuffed animals, lampshades, pillows or board games.
  • Easy Pak Box Kit – $39.95 – This all-in-1 kit will include 10 medium boxes, 15 sheets of Enviro-Bubble, 10 small boxes, 40 sheets of cushion foam, poly econo pack, 2 makers, 1 box knife and 1 bonus box.
  • Colored Gift Boxes – $2.95 – With this type of box you`ll be able to ship all your holiday gifts in a green or red box. Its sizes are 12″ x 12″ x 12″.

Mirror – Picture Boxes

If you need something for a picture frame or painting, these options may be of some help.

  • Mirror/Picture Box – $4.25 – This is ideal for moving and packing large, framed products like mirrors, wall décor or paintings.
  • Large Mirror Box – These sizes of this box are 48″ x 4″ x 33″. The gross weight of the box is of 65lbs.
  • 4-Piece Picture/Mirror Box – $7.95 – Every piece of this 4-piece mirror box will be able to protect all pictures, artwork and mirrors.
  • Picture Shipper – $59.99 – The full set will include 1 shipping box, 4 corner protectors, 8 button head cable ties, 2 foam panels and 4 foam bumpers.

Clothing Moving Boxes

Any clothing items that you may have can be moved or shipping with one of these boxes.

  • Shorty Wardrobe® Box – $7.95 – This box isn`t just very easy to stack, but it`ll also allow you to move any clothing items along with their hangers.
  • Grand Wardrobe Box – $11.95 – The box is perfect for longer clothing items.
  • Laydown Wardrobe Box – $5.95 – This box will fit perfectly under a bed. Its sizes are 36″x 21″x 10″.
  • Travel / Luggage Box – $6.95 – The maximum weight for each box is of 60lbs. It can be used as a suitcase for travel just fine.

Kitchen Moving Boxes

Your kitchen items will be safe with these boxes or kits.

  • Dishsaver Glass Pack Box – $4.00 – The perfect box for items that may be fragile like crystal stemware, porcelain figurines, fine china or fine glassware.
  • Wine Shipping Kits – $6.95 – Use these boxes to ship champagne or wine bottles in a safe manner.
  • Glass Pack Kit – $10.20 – This kits will include eighteen reusable foam pouches, a box with handholds and a seven-piece cell-divider unit.U Haul boxes

Electronics Boxes

If you have some electronics that you want to safely move, choose one of these kits or boxes.

  • Flat Panel TV Kit – $19.95 – This kit is the ideal solution to move or store your television in a safe manner. You can accommodate with this kit 32” to 70” flat panel televisions.
  • Medium Electronics Box – $7.15 – This box is especially designed for stereo items, TVs and microwaves.
  • Large Electronics Box – $9.75 – This box is perfect to store or move TVs, computer monitors or microwaves.

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