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Uhaul Rental – 5 Guidelines to Follow Before Making a Reservation!

During the summer it`s the ideal time to move. But moving on this time of the year means expensive prices as well. If you are traveling the interstate during this period, you`ll most likely see Uhaul rental trucks on your way. If you are one of those people who is always worrying about their budget, then renting a truck using U Haul rental coupons can really make a difference.

5 Guidelines to Follow Before Booking a Uhaul Rental Truck

There are certain guidelines you should keep in mind before choosing a moving truck rental company like U Haul.

  • Trucks Do Not Offer Too Great Gas Mileage

The largest rental truck will get about 9 MPG, while the smallest around 12. If you`ll combine this with a move across country, you won`t be able to endure the expenses. To see how much the fuel cost from one of the Uhaul rental locations to your location and then to where you need to move your things, you can take a look at this U Haul truck gas mileage post to have an idea of what you can expect.

  • Three Passengers Is the Maximum for a Large Uhaul Truck

If you have a large family with children and everything, you may be interested if Uhaul trucks have back seats or not. Most such large U Haul trucks are able to accommodate up to 3 passengers, while a ten-foot truck can hold up to 2 passengers. Uhaul trucks do not have back seats, so they aren`t recommended for small kids since NHTSA recommends to keep children through the twelve age in the back seats.

  • Guaranteed Reservations with Certain Stipulations

No matter when you have your reservation submitted, the booking isn`t guaranteed until 1 day before you are scheduled to get the truck. A representative of the company will get in touch with you regarding the pick-up location, and when you both agree about all details, your reservation will be considered “guaranteed.” You won`t have a guaranteed reservation if a representative won`t be able to contact you.

  • Specific Requirements to Operate Trucks

Although there isn`t a special driver`s license needed, you have to be at least 18 years old and have a driver`s license that is valid in order to rent such a truck. The person who signs the contract with the U Haul company is also responsible for the entire equipment.

Uhaul rental

  • Uhaul Rental Trucks Are Used Quite Often

Most truck travel across the country quite a lot, so most of them have a lot of miles. You should make certain they are in very good shape before renting one. You should always be prepared for worst in such situations and have a plan before you hit the road.

Is There Anything to Know About Renting U Haul Trucks?

If you don`t feel confident enough with the information you got about renting an Uhaul truck until a certain point, you can always look for more reviews online. The Better Business Bureau can also help in such situations.

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